The Oregon Officers Reward Fund and its donors are highly dedicated to pursuing justice for any law enforcement officer seriously injured or killed in the line of duty in the State of Oregon as the result of a criminal act.  We will continually strive to provide incentives to encourage individuals with helpful information to do the right thing.

There is a need, in a small number of high priority cases in Oregon, where the availability of privately held reward funds would be an effective tool to assist the investigating agency in locating and placing the suspect or suspects into custody pending their prosecution for the criminal acts against an injured or killed public safety officer.

The Oregon Officer’s Reward Fund (OORF) was established to accomplish this objective and is anticipated to be privately funded by law-enforcement related associations, law enforcement related private businesses, and private citizens with a vested interest in supporting law enforcement in Oregon.  The funds will be used exclusively for payment of cash rewards for information or lawful assistance provided to law enforcement that leads directly to the capture by law enforcement of person(s) wanted in the crime.

No tax dollars are used to provide the reward funds.